Game and Nature Reserve

Eifel National Park is a 110-sq.-km conservation area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, bordering Belgium and Lake Rur reservoir. Its beech forests are home to wildcats, red deer, eagle owls and other wildlife. A Wilderness Trail and cycling paths run past rivers and valleys filled with spring wildflowers. The park surrounds a WWII military training ground that now offers guided tours.

The Petrisberg to Trier (to at least 1823 as Martinsberg designated) lies east of the inner city and offers because of its height of approximately 265 m ü. NHN has a few well-visited viewpoints on the well one hundred meters down town. The Petrisberg is named after the owner of a farm in the extension of the modern Sickingenstraße.

Nells Park (also Nells Ländchen ) is a 95,000 m² park at the lower Avelsbach in Trier . It was created by the canon of St. Paulin , Nikolaus Nell . Between 1792 and 1793 the latter bought the swampy lands of the Deutschherrenorden and laid them dry around the park. The park in early-romantic English-Dutch style was completed in 1801. Image Map